Meaning of de-anglicize in English:


(British de-anglicise)

Pronunciation /diːˈaŋɡlɪsʌɪz/


[with object]
  • Remove English characteristics or influence from.

    ‘Europeans make adaptations that effectively de-anglicize the English language’
    • ‘The decision by the film's director not to de-anglicize the actors playing Soviets results in much distraction.’
    • ‘The government of Kerala decreed some years ago that the names Calicut, Cochin and Quilon be de-anglicized to Kozhikode, Kochi and Kollam.’
    • ‘One of his suggestions to achieve that aim was the de-anglicising of place names.’
    • ‘The social and economic pressure was to anglicize a name, not to de-anglicize it.’
    • ‘Golden Delicious which even the Uzbeks had written as it sounds was de-anglicized to Pear Apple.’
    • ‘As Banu and Sussex point out, Bangladesh seeks to promote the use of Bengali (or Bangla, its new de-anglicised name) as the national language.’
    • ‘If they're so big on de-anglicizing French, how come they're the Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise and not the Bureau?’
    • ‘So, while I've managed to retain a vast amount of my peculiar native banter, Microsoft has seen to it (via spellchecker) that my written prose gets de-anglicised.’
    • ‘Our massive colonial hangover is the driving force behind most name changing exercises, but when modern metros like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai have gone through the process one tends to think it is more than just about getting de-anglicised.’
    • ‘France has led the charge for a Eurocentric search engine, called Quaero, as part of its ongoing effort to de-anglicize (or de-Americanize, depending on your point of view) the web and stop Google from threatening French culture.’