Meaning of de-ice in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈʌɪs/

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[with object]
  • Remove ice from.

    ‘airplanes are de-iced before take-off’
    • ‘the application of de-icing salts to our highways’
    • ‘The two-and-half hour delay to the opening of the second runway, along with problems de-icing aircraft prior to take-off, caused delays to almost all services.’
    • ‘A private jet which crashed last month had not been de-iced before take-off despite below-freezing temperatures the night before, air accident investigators said yesterday.’
    • ‘The handy four-wheelers have a spraying mechanism at the back which covers the pavement with liquid brine, de-icing the pavements better than salt.’
    • ‘They're hoping the sweet smell of success will fill the air come December, thanks to a new sugar-coated grit for de-icing the city's roads.’
    • ‘He was de-icing his car at about 7.30 am when he noticed four men in a red Rover 214 acting suspiciously.’
    • ‘Flights have been delayed, then cancelled, and those who do board are sitting on the runway for up to two hours, waiting in line for the plane to be de-iced.’
    • ‘Some arriving planes waited two hours to get to a gate while departing aircraft queued up to be de-iced.’
    • ‘Before you set off on your journey, don't just de-ice your front windscreen.’
    • ‘Afterwards, we de-ice ourselves in the welcome, healing heat of the water.’
    • ‘I hate having to wake up 10 minutes earlier to de-ice my car before I leave for work.’
    • ‘This will also save you having to de-ice windows on winter mornings.’
    • ‘We spent nearly three hours on the plane while they tried to de-ice it, in which time the cabin crew were very rude.’
    • ‘Allow a minimum of five minutes to de-ice your car, so try to work this extra time into your morning routine.’
    • ‘If you have used salt throughout the winter to de-ice sidewalks, take this corrective step to protect landscape plants.’
    • ‘Due to these weather conditions, the crew de-iced the aircraft prior to takeoff.’
    • ‘This is a small fraction of salt compared to the total amount of road salts, especially sodium chloride, used for de-icing the nation's roads.’
    • ‘One man was hard at work with a giant ice pick, attempting to de-ice the fountains.’
    • ‘One of the initiative's messages to motorists is not to leave your car unattended while it is de-icing in the morning.’
    • ‘The handling fee covers all standard services, with the exception of items such as de-icing and aircraft cleaning, which are billed separately.’
    • ‘In other words, de-icing in winter would be replaced by inerting in the summer.’