Meaning of de règle in English:

de règle


  • Required by custom; proper.

    ‘it shall be de règle for guests to come in afternoon dresses’
    • ‘You know that it is de règle never to speak with more assurance or certainty than when one knows something imperfectly.’
    • ‘It is de règle here for each person to have a separate little plate for each kind of vegetable, so that each large plate is encircled by a necklace of little ones.’
    • ‘"No, madam, but for the gentlemen of the High Toby, it is de règle."’
    correct, accurate, without error, unerring, exact, precise


de règle

/də ˈrɛɡl(ə)/ /də ʀɛɡl/


French, literally ‘of rule’.