Meaning of dead leg in English:

dead leg


  • 1An injury caused by a numbing blow with the knee to a person's upper leg.

    ‘the striker was taken off with a dead leg’
    • ‘Tom Kelly has had a difficult year with a succession of injuries ruling him out of a number of games with a recurring dead leg, a shoulder injury and more recently a rib problem.’
    • ‘I didn't like him very much coz he was always creeping up behind you and giving you a dead leg with his knee, and stealing stuff from your desk and that kind of thing.’
    • ‘Nick Walne and Shaun James are both suffering from shoulder injuries while Nick Robinson has a dead leg with just a 50-50 chance of playing.’
    • ‘Danny Farthing, who was making his Town comeback, looks likely to miss out with a dead leg, while Nick Richardson and Scott Bonsall are also doubtful.’
    • ‘Cummins suffered a knee in the thigh and a resultant dead leg.’
    • ‘Mervill is still suffering the effects of a dead leg while Wainwright is having trouble with his knee.’
    • ‘He used to give us dead legs and camel bites, which used to really hurt.’
    • ‘Richard Chaplow has a dead leg on his thigh that swelled up rapidly and doesn't look good at all.’
    • ‘Omari has been our talisman this season, but he got a dead leg last week and could hardly walk.’
    • ‘Me and Bea indulged in a secret orgy of eye-rolling while she was telling us this, and I commented ‘Very dangerous, that air’ which earned me a dead leg from Bea.’
    • ‘The Northern Ireland international has shaken off the dead leg suffered at Shrewsbury in midweek and has been deemed fit for City's final game of the season tomorrow.’
    • ‘"I felt like I'd been given a dead leg, like I'd been thumped really hard.’
    • ‘Darren Hughes recovered sufficiently from a dead leg to make the starting line-up but he was only able to complete 20 minutes.’
    • ‘With Phil Greening injured and Robin McBryde still suffering from a dead leg, Gordon's getting a lot of game time in which to impress.’
    • ‘Also featuring tomorrow night at Lincoln is defender Martin Reed, who missed Saturday's trip to Plymouth with a dead leg.’
    • ‘Alan Pallister sustained a dead leg, Matt Mulholland had to leave the field with a knee injury and Shaun Austerfield hurt an ankle.’
    • ‘Miller, nursing a dead leg, limped from the fray shortly afterwards, to be replaced by David Hannah.’
    • ‘Brian O'Driscoll and Neil Back both have dead legs and both Rob Henderson and Scott Quinnell have had bangs to their knees.’
    • ‘As it happened, the collision forced Dempsey to retire with a dead leg.’
    • ‘I noticed these 2 people picking on a few various people, calling them names, hitting them, giving them dead legs etc.’
  • 2A length of pipe running from a hot water cylinder to the hot taps.

    ‘This is usually explained by the presence of sulfur-reducing bacteria in a "dead leg" in the plumbing system.’
    • ‘Dead legs and poorly drained internal valve surfaces represent places where a product or chemicals may undesirably pool.’
    • ‘The new Markwik range of thermostatic mixers eliminate the possible dead leg of warm water between the thermostat and the tap.’
    • ‘Find the dead leg, cut and cap the pipe closer to the tee.’


(also dead-leg)
  • with object Give (someone) a numbing blow to the upper leg with one's knee.

    • ‘Mucker dead-legged him and Andy groaned, sinking to one knee’
    • ‘The other day, I was dead-legged the hardest I have ever been dead-legged before, the pain hurt so much, I nearly passed out.’
    • ‘So he dead-legged me and I fell down crying too.’
    • ‘The principal handcuffed him, walked him inside, and dead-legged him.’