Meaning of dead letter box in English:

dead letter box


  • A place where messages can be left and collected without the sender and recipient meeting.

    ‘As we were finding it easier to locate good dead letter boxes, and we became better at working out each other's clues, the main interest came from the contents of the messages we left.’
    • ‘By rights, you should be reading this after plucking it from a dead letter box in a park somewhere in a big city, but that seems far too much work.’
    • ‘He is never happier than when reading the reports from his old-fashioned, revolver-in-hand kind of agents, who use dead letter boxes and contacts called Boris.’
    • ‘Allied to this was training in ‘tradecraft’ such as surveillance, counter-surveillance, dead letter boxes and other methods of covert communication.’
    • ‘A search of his 3rd floor flat produced not only chemicals for the processing of invisible inks and lists of dead letter boxes but also one-time pads hidden in hollowed-out bars of soap.’
    • ‘They would collect information then place it in a dead letter box before a courier would take it to the radio operator.’
    • ‘The collection contains a British Intelligence dead-letter box, disguised as a canned food container, fabricated for an operation in Hong Kong against Communist China in the 1970's.’
    • ‘Increased security might mean the source agent using a dead-letter box which the stall holder will empty, not knowing who has filled it.’