Meaning of dead marine in English:

dead marine


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • An empty bottle, especially a beer bottle.

    • ‘he threw the dead marines in the garbage tin’
    • ‘"And that's a dead Marine if ever I saw one," chortles Roger in alcoholic mirth, upending the second bottle into Sue's glass.’
    • ‘Eventually the dead marine ale bottle would join the wrappers.’
    • ‘We sat down to curried bullybeef and potatoes, and a dead marine lay nearby.’
    • ‘We had filled a dead marine at the family waterhole.’
    • ‘At the third I really enjoyed it, and there wasn't any fourth because by then the little bottle was a dead marine.’
    • ‘If I have any more beer I reckon Helen will crown me with one of these 'dead marines' I'm trying to hide under my chair.’