Meaning of dead meat in English:

dead meat


  • Used to suggest someone is in serious trouble.

    • ‘if anyone finds out, you're dead meat’
    • ‘‘If they don't even bother having drills,’ she said, ‘that means that once someone attacks us with nuclear weapons, we are dead meat.’’
    • ‘I mean, the first time I walked out on a nightclub floor, I was terrified, absolutely terrified, but you can't ever let them know you're scared because, if you let them know you're scared, you're dead meat.’
    • ‘Look, all I'm trying to say is, you are dead meat.’
    • ‘If you say ‘I speak 5 languages’ but are unable to actually do so, you will probably be dead meat.’
    • ‘Mark clearly thought his days were numbered; as soon as the adults found out he figured he'd be dead meat.’
    • ‘We were basically dead meat, with the evidence red hot in our sweaty palms.’
    • ‘Any Tory or Labour leader with a poll rating of 20 per cent would be dead meat.’
    • ‘Better not let her or her friends find out or you're dead meat.’
    • ‘You are in this mess with me and if you're not going stop arguing, the two of us - you and me - are going to be dead meat!’
    • ‘She glared at him; ‘Didn't I tell you that if you tried anything, you were dead meat?’