Meaning of dead name in English:

dead name


  • The birth name of a transgender person who has changed their name as part of their gender transition.

    ‘Gregory is her dead name’
    • ‘She was known to misgender transgender students and alumni, often referring to them by their dead names.’
    • ‘They've known you as your dead name and you want to be known as a different name.’
    • ‘The actor is still listed as his dead name in the episode credits.’
    • ‘Avoid "outing" trans scholars via pronouns, dead names or other language that might reveal their identity.’
    • ‘For all the Zoom meetings, I see my dead name.’
    • ‘For many transgender people, using a person's dead name is considered offensive.’
    • ‘She was tried as a man under her dead name.’
    • ‘He refused to call his son by his name, electing to refer to him by his dead name.’
    • ‘How did you deal with coming out in an environment where your dead name is what you're known as professionally.’
    • ‘Seeing my dead name on the lineup sheet just makes me feel so uncomfortable.’


(also dead-name)
[with object]
  • Call (a transgender person) by their birth name when they have changed their name as part of their gender transition.

    ‘he was addressed with the wrong pronouns and dead-named’
    • ‘Local media dead-named and misgendered her in the initial reporting. ’
    • ‘I would never dead-name her.’
    • ‘I've been transitioning for 14 years and I still get the feeling now when someone dead-names me that I got 14 years ago. ’
    • ‘Someone accused me of dead-naming her. ’
    • ‘She is forgiving of those who dead-name her or don't get her pronouns right.’
    • ‘Many people shared how important it was to see media outlets immediately use his name rather than deadnaming him.’
    • ‘The process of dead-naming trans people is deeply, deeply traumatizing for a lot of us.’
    • ‘He does not want to be dead-named.’
    • ‘No one deserves to be misgendered or to be dead-named.’
    • ‘When she goes into court, she gets dead-named.’