Meaning of dead shot in English:

dead shot


  • An extremely accurate marksman or markswoman.

    ‘he is a dead shot with a rifle’
    • ‘The drug cartel story takes place in -- naturally enough -- jungle, loaded to the treetops with snipers who are all dead shots.’
    • ‘It will be a bookshop or bookstall, and remember the police here all tote guns and are dead shots.’
    • ‘‘Come out with yer hands up,’ Bill Lee commanded loudly, ‘or I'll start shooting, and I'm a dead shot.’’
    • ‘He was a dead shot… always placed the arrow right where he wanted it.’
    • ‘She was a dead shot with a rifle, often far ahead of the guides, and met all kinds of danger with unflinching nerve.’
    • ‘Reardon'll be able to work with him and if he's as much of a dead shot with a bow as he says he might be able to teach a lot of our troops a thing or two.’
    • ‘He is a dead shot but never kills anybody, and his horse knows more tricks than one of those monkeys that they teach to do sign-language.’
    • ‘They soon learn that Echo is a dead shot with a rifle and has more courage than the law allows.’
    • ‘The marksman is a dead shot with a blank pistol, which he demonstrates by breaking milk crackers held by his assistant.’
    • ‘Although Atticus is a dead shot he refuses to shoot for entertainment.’