Meaning of dead time in English:

dead time


mass noun
  • 1Time in which someone or something is inactive or unable to act productively.

    ‘the dead time spent on aeroplanes and buses’
    • ‘Surely we should move the US presidential process forward and start it in June or something, so we don't have all this dead time for half a year.’
    • ‘There are no embarrassing moments and no dead time.’
    • ‘I have 80 newsfeeds on my phone because I can read those 80 during dead time on public transport while they are still fresh.’
    • ‘Besides there are certain periods in the year - we call them slack time and dead time - when there is little work to be done.’
    • ‘Whilst in theory this situation improves the output of an organisation - abolishing dead time - there is a cost with regard to human health.’
    • ‘Music director Kevin Noe and executive director Michelle Greenlaw, who recently resigned, presented concerts with no dead time.’
    • ‘‘A lot of my day's taken up with a soul-aching commute into the city, and that just feels like dead time,’ Jon said.’
    • ‘Naturally, marketers and car advocates put a lot of effort into finding out what commuters are doing with all that dead time of commuting.’
    • ‘The pair occupy their dead time between takes by swapping illuminated comments about the over-the-top behaviour of the guest stars.’
    • ‘The movie felt like it was four hours long to me, and I'm used to watching thin plots with lots of dead time.’
    • ‘Shouldering aside soloists and choir a bit in the fast parts, he did not tolerate any dead time.’
    • ‘As the story of a siege at a police station, the movie provided long stretches of dead time.’
    • ‘The problem comes, of course, in finding somewhere to go in the week's traditional dead time.’
    • ‘WHEN I began work on our garden here in York 13 years ago, August was, for many years, a dead time.’
    • ‘However, for a company to get the most value from an employee's time they need to implement standards to minimise this 'dead time'.’
    • ‘The best thing to do for controlling this type of process is to try to reduce the dead time.’
    1. 1.1Physics The period after the recording of a particle or pulse when a detector is unable to record another.
      ‘The bias in the estimated triplet parameters as presented in Table 2 disappears when introducing corrections for the dead time of the detector.’
      • ‘The method provides sufficient signal-to-noise ratio to measure fast fluorescence decays with ~ 400 s dead time, while consuming only picomoles of material.’
      • ‘The circuit compensates for dead time over a wide range of count rates by producing a dead-time pulse for each detected event, a live-time pulse that spans the interval between dead-time pulses, and circuits that average the value of these pulses over time.’
      • ‘For any radiation type, then, the count rate will depend on the dead time, and the "true" count rate can differ significantly from the observed count rate when the count rate is moderately high.’