Meaning of dead to the world in English:

dead to the world


  • Fast asleep.

    • ‘I turn my back for a moment, and when I return, Terry is lying on the floor of the van in the foetal position, motionless and silent, dead to the world.’
    • ‘For the hundredth time, she glances over to the bed, where Frank has been lying in a medicated sleep, dead to the world.’
    • ‘Those pills work fast; he'll be dead to the world in under ten minutes.’
    • ‘I know Logan falls asleep within 3 minutes because when I try to discuss things which bother me 4 minutes after turning off the light, he's dead to the world.’
    • ‘Now he's snoozing peacefully, dead to the world.’
    • ‘He was dead to the world and would probably never know what he had done.’
    • ‘My Grandma is usually in bed by eight thirty, dead to the world by eight forty five.’
    • ‘I turned and saw that Andrew was also dead to the world.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later, I was dead to the world yet again, buried deep beneath my warm comforter and cotton sheets.’
    • ‘Usually the pills knocked her out cold, leaving her dead to the world for hours - but this time it was different.’