Meaning of dead water in English:

dead water


mass nounNorth American
  • Still water without any current.

    ‘a ditch full of dead water’
    • ‘What I'd mistaken for a living stream just has in it fish that thrive in dead water.’
    • ‘The eye without memory saw only a slope of scrub leading down to dead water.’
    • ‘The quality of water near a tulip farm is ‘so bad that nothing can grow or live near it; it's dead water,’ said Martijn Beekman of Greenpeace Netherlands.’
    • ‘Schooling fish can't survive in dead water.’
    • ‘In dead water like ponds, lakes as well as in waterways, especially in zones with sluggish running or even dead water, unwanted materials like weed, parasitic plants, bottles, wooden beams and so on will accumulate.’