Meaning of dead wool in English:

dead wool


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • Wool taken from a dead sheep.

    ‘wool rugs that shed a lot are that way because they are made from dead wool’
    • ‘We had the fun job of picking up the carcases and burning them, after we had picked off the dead wool.’
    • ‘Dead wool is taken from slaughtered animals by chemicals and is dry, brittle, and abrasive.’
    • ‘What one wants to avoid is dead wool taken off an already butchered sheep with a caustic substance.’
    • ‘Dead wool is removed from sheep's hides chemically.’
    • ‘The only bad wool used in rugs would be dead wool, which is removed from a dead sheep.’
    • ‘Most reputable retailers will not sell Oriental rugs made with dead wool in the United States.’
    • ‘Rugs made with dead wool will be very dry to the touch, the colors are often muted, and the rug will shed profusely.’
    • ‘Watch out for dead wool, which will wear out in a very short time.’
    • ‘Dead wool should be handled and bagged separately.’
    • ‘Packing dead wool with good wool is far too common.’