Meaning of deadlight in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛdlʌɪt/


  • 1A protective cover or shutter fitted over a porthole or window on a ship.

    ‘The side facing me had five square windows complete with deadlight covers, all encrusted in coral.’
    • ‘As we dropped off the tip of the bow to seabed level and swam along the wreck, we could see numerous portholes, all with heavy-duty deadlights securely fixed shut.’
    • ‘Fresh air was admitted through two large wind sails in the forward hatches, and also through the deadlights upon each side of the ship.’
    • ‘The closed deadlights indicate the ship had been secured for heavy weather prior to wrecking.’
    • ‘All the watertight doors, deadlights and scuttles had been securely closed before the torpedo struck the ship.’
  • 2US A skylight designed not to be opened.

    • ‘The fully insulated oval glass front door with the 12"x36" deadlight above it really brightens up the front entrance.’