Meaning of deadliness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛdlɪnəs/

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‘The bomb was packed with shards of metal, nuts and bolts to increase its deadliness.’
  • ‘By contrast, the deadliness of contaminants added to reservoirs or water sources would most likely be neutralized by dilution and standard water treatment.’
  • ‘No one with any sense would place a trap of such deadliness so close to a populated area.’
  • ‘While he radiated innocence and virginity, Siterra radiated seductiveness, wildness, and deadliness.’
  • ‘The pregnant silence is almost eerie as it spreads round the room, reaching every corner, suffocating me as I inhale its intoxicating deadliness.’
  • ‘It struck out at him with the speed and deadliness of a cobra.’