Meaning of deadrise in English:




  • The vertical distance between a line horizontal to the keel of a boat and its chine.

    ‘Designers felt if the deadrise were further increased in the after sections, a significant increase in horsepower would be needed to raise the boat onto and maintain a plane.’
    • ‘Due to the shallow deadrise forward, the ride may be a little rough in large waves and choppy seas.’
    • ‘Grady's hull has some serious deadrise amidships - about 30 degrees - and is designed to slice through head seas yet give stability at the dock or while trolling.’
    • ‘The hull form is a modified-V with 16 degrees of deadrise at the transom, which is a reasonable compromise for a comfortable ride.’
    • ‘The bottom of the Viking 40 has an 18-degree deadrise at the transom which is fairly steep for this class boat.’
    • ‘In either case, the 17 degrees deadrise of the hull makes for a smooth ride, easy control and good directional stability.’
    • ‘The 21-degree angle of deadrise seems to be just right for speed performance and a soft ride.’
    • ‘Although not as extreme as some boats, the hull is still in the ‘deep-V’ category and the 18 degrees of deadrise is a very good compromise for power and performance in this style of vessel.’
    • ‘People shopping for a boat frequently ask us about deadrise.’
    • ‘A flat bottom boat has a deadrise of 0°, while a deep-V might have a deadrise of 25°.’