Meaning of deafferented in English:




See deafferentation

‘Lurie has received an award of $20,000 as an administrative supplement to conduct research regarding PTP1C increases in the deafferented auditory brainstem.’
  • ‘A deafferented pupil constricts consensually, but not to direct light, paradoxically enlarging when the light is quickly brought from the unaffected side (Marcus Gunn pupil).’
  • ‘Next he restrained the monkeys' healthy forelimbs, compelling them to reuse the deafferented limbs, which they otherwise avoided doing.’
  • ‘Six years later, Taub resumed two lines of research stemming from his basic research with deafferented monkeys.’
  • ‘Although she was unstable, the deafferented subject was able to remain seated with the eyes closed in the absence of feet, arm and back supports.’