Meaning of dealfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪəlfɪʃ/

noundealfish, dealfishes

  • A long, slender silvery fish with a dorsal fin running the length of the body, living in the north-eastern Atlantic.

    Trachipterus arcticus, family Trachipteridae

    ‘It was handed over to the marine aquarium at Macduff where staff reckoned it was either an oarfish or a dealfish.’
    • ‘Dealfish live in the Western Indian Ocean around South Africa and in the Eastern Indian Ocean from southern Australia to New Zealand.’
    • ‘The dealfish are deepwater fish that usually reside out of reach of the average fisherman and are therefore rarely encountered.’


Mid 19th century from deal in the sense ‘board’ (with reference to its shape) + fish.