Meaning of dearie me! in English:

dearie me!


informal mainly British
  • Used to express surprise or dismay.

    • ‘well, dearie me, what a shame’
    • ‘The Archbishop of Canterbury's spokesman summed up the tastelessness of the exercise with his bemused response: ‘Oh dearie, dearie me!’’
    • ‘Oh dearie me; must be going soft in the head in my old age.’
    • ‘Great team of people, bursting with the juices of vigorous intellectual fulmination, but… oh dearie, dearie me…’
    • ‘Dearie, dearie me: I'm pretty tired too of this wet, miserable winter.’
    • ‘And, oh dearie dearie me, orange is most definitely the word.’
    • ‘Now, I know that Kevin is safely married with kids and all, but dearie me - he was quite brazenly flirting with Ewan all the way through the show.’