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Pronunciation /ˈdɪəli/

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  • 1Very much.

    ‘he loved his parents dearly’
    • ‘He also knows how to keep them in order without getting annoyed - a virtue some parents would dearly love.’
    • ‘He loved his parents dearly, but sometimes it creeped him out about how nosy they could be.’
    • ‘My parents gave me a small dog which I love dearly, but she has caused havoc by urinating on the lawn, staining it yellow.’
    • ‘The devoted mum said she loves her son dearly but wished that they could sometimes lead the life of a normal family.’
    • ‘I have three children, all working and busy with their own lives, plus four grandchildren, whom I love dearly.’
    • ‘I would dearly love to hear the cry of ‘hey, fair go mate’ over here a little more often.’
    • ‘Maureen Whelan was best described as a lady and was dearly loved by relatives, friends and neighbours.’
    • ‘I, being particularly sensitive about such things, would dearly love it to look as professional as possible.’
    • ‘The bottom line is we would dearly love some government assistance there.’
    • ‘I tend not to be very forthcoming when it comes to my personal life, even with people I am close to and love dearly.’
    • ‘The fourth person Eddie meets is the young Marguerite whom he loves dearly.’
    • ‘One of his greatest joys in life was spending time with his family, whom he loved dearly and by whom he will be sadly missed.’
    • ‘A man who dearly loved to see his side win, he was never known to criticise players when they suffered defeat.’
    • ‘One of our dearly loved families is moving to Calgary, so we had a baseball-and-picnic send-off for them.’
    • ‘Patrick and I love each other dearly and he still lives in Ottringham.’
    • ‘I should dearly love to be musical, to be able to play an instrument.’
    • ‘I would dearly love to speak to anyone who thinks they can help us.’
    • ‘The Winster Valley is one of South Lakeland's well-kept secrets, dearly loved by those who know it.’
    • ‘There are so many things about this country that I have grown to love dearly.’
    • ‘We used to be very close indeed and I used to love him very dearly.’
    very much, a great deal, greatly, deeply, profoundly, extremely
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  • 2With much loss or suffering; at great cost.

    ‘freedom to worship our religion has been bought dearly’
    • ‘He said it would cost the government dearly to buy and maintain existing roads from private operators.’
    • ‘The tiny lunatic fringe that has jumped on the anti-war bandwagon could cost this country dearly.’
    • ‘What's more, the fixed cost of a space at home would cost dearly as well.’
    • ‘But removing a fare-paying passenger to make way for an air miles traveller costs carriers dearly.’
    • ‘What may cost the taxpayer dearly is appointing a new group of politicians to eminent posts with poorly-defined functions.’
    • ‘Not having unions to fight for their rights has cost workers dearly, he says.’
    • ‘This is a very unfortunate error which could cost many firms dearly.’
    • ‘Failure to comply with the quota system will cost the excessive drinker dearly.’
    • ‘That triumph of spin over substance has cost this administration dearly.’
    • ‘Education is the most stark area where valuing the here-and-now over the future can cost dearly.’
    • ‘That will require a significant investment by them, and again will cost taxpayers dearly.’
    • ‘In the final analysis, though, it was errors in defence that cost the Cougars dearly.’
    • ‘He is a victim of his own decisions and actions, which have cost him very dearly.’
    • ‘Backs on both sides had dominated the play in that first half and every score had to be bought dearly.’
    • ‘But the support of the other members of the world community will be more dearly bought.’
    • ‘He surrendered in October, but it was a prize too dearly bought.’
    • ‘They were his family, and anyone who tried to hurt them would suffer dearly by his hands.’
    • ‘He had done it the last time, and suffered dearly, no matter how hip people thought it was.’
    • ‘We need to get rid of the stealth taxes that cost the low income families so dearly.’
    • ‘Of course to get a proper valuation would cost money which the applicants can dearly afford.’
    at great cost, at a high cost, at a high price, with great loss, with much loss, with much suffering, with much sacrifice
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