Meaning of death-obsessed in English:



  • Excessively preoccupied with death; morbid.

    ‘the two central characters are a pair of misfit, death-obsessed sisters’
    • ‘his death-obsessed works of fiction’
    • ‘Some critics discard the "death-obsessed" picture of Mahler for one of a complex man with understandable concerns.’
    • ‘The novel feels pessimistic and death-obsessed, full of images of things ending.’
    • ‘Plath's death-obsessed texts are deeply disturbing.’
    • ‘It's a profound act for this once death-obsessed, neurotically neat man, a silent consummation of the Forsterian urge to "only connect" to another human, to an improbable love.’
    • ‘Patrick and his death-obsessed sweetie Marie-Jose take old coke bottles, movie magazines, and discarded Betty Crocker boxes and decorate their lakeside love shack with them.’
    • ‘It's a moving film and not only because of its baggage and its death-obsessed nature.’
    • ‘I don't understand why our society is so death obsessed.’
    • ‘Jeremy and Johnny are really mirror images of each other, powerfully charismatic, death obsessed, only capable of expressing themselves through violence.’
    ghoulish, macabre, unhealthy, gruesome, grisly, grotesque, ghastly, horrible, unwholesome, death-obsessed