Meaning of death cap in English:

death cap


  • A deadly poisonous toadstool with a pale olive-green cap and white gills, growing in broadleaved woodland in both Eurasia and North America.

    Amanita phalloides, family Amanitaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    ‘It is a genus of fungi which has to be treated with special attention, since it includes several edible species but also the notorious death cap and destroying angel.’
    • ‘Uncultivated wild mushrooms have ben associated with increased incidents of serious mushroom poisoning, especially death cap mushroom or Amanita phalloides (Greek for a fungus-like destroying angel).’
    • ‘We hope they do not manage to eat death cap mushrooms and completely ruin their livers so that they need liver transplants.’
    • ‘I had just found a few death caps and I heard my mom let out a squeal.’
    • ‘Health officials believe the culprit was the death cap mushroom, the most common cause of deadly mushroom poisoning in the United States.’