Meaning of death ray in English:

death ray


  • (in science fiction) a beam or ray capable of killing.

    ‘Then Superman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk battled Dr Octopus, having only two hours to shut off his death ray before it destroyed the world.’
    • ‘Where, pray tell me, are our superheroes going to get changed next time Lex Luthor unleashes his brain-melting death ray.’
    • ‘You'll just zap me with your death ray when we're halfway across the river and I'm all defenseless.’
    • ‘You grew ever more diverse in your inventions: remote-controlled boats and submarines, bladeless turbines, and, finally, a death ray.’
    • ‘Anyway, the little green space men need tin cans in the construction of their death ray, which will kill us all at the dawn of the millennium.’
    • ‘And, although Warne has been bowling such a ball in Australia for many seasons, England have treated it here like a Martian death ray.’
    • ‘Did the aliens have a death ray that fried all clothing items except for shirts, and if so, why?’
    • ‘Among other weapons, Crypto's saucer incorporates an ‘abducto-beam’ and a death ray out of The War of the Worlds (the pre-Spielberg film).’
    • ‘It's a tune about the great inventor Tesla's attempt to create a death ray.’
    • ‘Personnel worked with varying degrees of success to develop a range of tools, from secret inks and concealed cameras to poisons, explosives, and a death ray.’
    • ‘After dreaming up a death ray and an artificial aurora to light the world at night, he died in a hotel tending his pet pigeons.’
    • ‘This is all Flash Gordon stuff, so do not be surprised if an alien tries to zap you with a death ray.’
    • ‘He said he'd invented a death ray and he spent his nights communing with the pigeons in Central Park.’
    • ‘It is not my fault that rather than green my fingers appear to act as a kind of death ray.’
    • ‘According to the laws that dictate super-villainy, the next step is obviously some kind of powerful death ray.’
    • ‘He predicted that in 1958 the U.S. would discover some sort of death ray used on Atlantis.’
    • ‘Armed with death rays, these little green men want to enslave humanity and harvest their primitive minds.’
    • ‘For now, I'm off to fight the twelve-foot lizard beasts that control the planet with their evil death rays.’
    • ‘Quite frankly, if the aliens don't shower us with death rays this time round, there really is no life in space.’
    • ‘With her new powers, Vicki was now able to deliver deadly electric shocks through her cybernetic skin as well as shoot death rays from her eyes.’