Meaning of death song in English:

death song


  • A song sung before or after someone's death or to commemorate the dead.

    ‘I want to shout a wild-eyed ‘time to sing your death song! ‘to anyone who stands in my way.’’
    • ‘One of his three grandmothers sang a Cree death song she had learned from her grandparents, as family members and friends gathered to say their goodbyes.’
    • ‘His wife and his foster mother were chanting a Grow death song over his body.’
    • ‘‘Last Kiss’, a teenage death song recorded by J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers was based on a true-life tale.’
    • ‘Notwithstanding the preceding examples, it is important to remember that the teenage death song represented an addition to, rather than a replacement of the conventional practices of professional songwriters.’
    • ‘Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.’
    • ‘The key Rossetti was his large black chalk drawing of Desdemona's death song, a project the artist had suggested for the centrepiece of the music room of his patron F.R. Leyland.’
    • ‘As many as 100 of the dead were women and children; two were unarmed chiefs in their 70s, mowed down as they chanted their death songs.’
    • ‘Then in the process of deciding on some sort of theme to run through the album, I decided maybe to do the death songs.’
    • ‘A Personal Chant form of song, used more recently for thanksgiving, is reminiscent of warrior death songs of the past.’