Meaning of death spiral in English:

death spiral


  • 1A spiralling downward path taken by an aircraft that is out of control.

    ‘the plane went into a death spiral and then a nose dive’
    • ‘Kim regained consciousness just in time to steer the shuttle out of a death spiral.’
    • ‘Dale cheered me on as I got his Cessna off the ground, did 30-degree turns and cruised the sky without sending us into a death spiral.’
    • ‘For instance, one of the shots of the Juno II death spiral is taken from seaside, near the pad.’
    • ‘White-out conditions and aviators are a bad mix (vertigo, loss of horizon and death spirals).’
    • ‘Too often, outmatched pilots looking for escape from a losing battle will feign a fatal hit and nose their aircraft over into a bogus death spiral.’
    • ‘Only a few solitary fishermen in their bass boats viewed the aircraft's death spiral.’
    • ‘We found large, melted pieces of the cowling that fell off while the burning aircraft was in its death spiral.’
    • ‘He did loops, sideslips, death spirals, wingovers and rollovers and even flew upside down 50 feet above the meadow.’
    • ‘His aerobatics, including loops, death spirals, and night flights using phosphorus fireworks, captivated the crowds.’
    1. 1.1Used in reference to a rapidly worsening situation, typically one that ends in disaster.
      ‘when demand dipped, it sent a lot of vineyards into a death spiral’
      • ‘his career is in a death spiral’
      • ‘Once coaches compromise the integrity of their program, the completion of the employment death spiral is imminent.’
      • ‘However, the death spiral of your psychological state has been an entertaining experience.’
      • ‘Maybe he can stop the industry death spiral.’
      • ‘Without values throughout history major civilizations and societies soon found themselves in a death spiral toward oblivion.’
      • ‘The company was coming out of the death spiral when he left.’
      • ‘A year earlier, the company was in the midst of a painful restructuring and trying to play down media reports of its death spiral.’
      • ‘Her career has made a spectacular recovery after what seemed like a squalid death spiral just a few short years ago.’
      • ‘A week ago the Lakers were on a death spiral down to the seventh level of hell.’
      • ‘Only until recently, both carriers seemed to be in a permanent death spiral of subscriber losses.’
      • ‘The firm's death spiral is due to the CEO and his bad decisions.’
  • 2(in pairs skating) a move in which the man pivots on one foot while the woman, stretched out almost parallel to the ice and holding on to his outstretched hand, circles around him with one skate on the ice.

    ‘the death spiral is performed by almost every skating pair’
    • ‘They had the crowd on their feet as they finished the program with a death spiral.’
    • ‘Katalyn wasn't quite low enough to the ice in that backward outside edge death spiral.’
    • ‘Scott and Dulebohn managed to get through the tough elements in the short program, but a bobble on the lift and his fall on the death spiral exit left them in third place.’
    • ‘We both enjoy doing pair spins, death spirals, and lifts.’
    • ‘Shales also likes death spirals, while Cronin prefers lifts.’
    • ‘The champions also executed a nice pair combination spin and back inside death spiral, receiving a score of 66.48 for a first place finish.’
    • ‘Their program also included a solid throw triple loop and two good lifts, but they encountered a problem in the forward inside death spiral.’
    • ‘The pair exhibited an interesting entrance into the back inside death spiral, for which all the judges rewarded them when factoring in the Grade of Execution.’
    • ‘We are also creating new death spirals, pair spins and carry lifts, besides trying to add another triple jump to the long.’
    • ‘They were beautiful skaters with amazing death spirals and wonderful side-by-side spirals sequences that are missing in so many pair teams today.’