Meaning of death squad in English:

death squad


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  • An armed paramilitary group formed to kill political opponents.

    ‘death squads had killed more than two thousand political and human rights activists’
    • ‘Prosecutors accuse him of authorizing a military death squad to kill 15 suspected leftist guerrillas in 1991.’
    • ‘In 2001, he was indicted for the killings carried out by a death squad that executed 75 political prisoners in the weeks after the coup.’
    • ‘The Battalion was another name for the horrible death squad that was operating in Honduras at that time.’
    • ‘He was subsequently killed by a loyalist death squad.’
    • ‘On December 1 a union leader was kidnapped by a paramilitary death squad.’
    • ‘He was part of a death squad working for the Nazis which killed more than 30,000 people along the eastern front.’
    • ‘On April 7 a Colombian death squad struck at the family of a union leader, killing two adults and wounding three children.’
    • ‘In fact there was the wall-to-wall suspicion that the group was the closest thing to a death squad, absolutely beyond the reaches or control of the police commissioner.’
    • ‘In 1976, when he was only five months old, his mother was murdered by a death squad during the brutal wave of repression by Argentina's military dictatorship.’
    • ‘When the death squad arrives to kill his father, they decide it would be best to make the deaths look like an accident.’
    • ‘The death squad was sent across the country to murder political prisoners.’
    • ‘In the midst of the manhunt, a clandestine death squad emerged, and began murdering his associates, relatives, lawyers, and even his lawyers' families.’
    • ‘The death squad arrived at the hotel shortly afterwards looking for what locals said was the European.’
    • ‘The assassins were known to be members of a right-wing death squad.’
    • ‘So the prosecutors are keen to prosecute him on a 25-year sentence, for either drugs trafficking or links with a death squad.’
    • ‘But nobody really knows why their street was selected by the death squad.’
    • ‘Last year evidence emerged of a death squad, known as the ‘Werewolves’, operating within the police force and responsible for a dozen murders.’
    • ‘The report cites the activities of a death squad armed and funded by the country's wealthiest businessmen.’
    • ‘A quarter of a century after gunning down their victim, four members of a government-backed death squad were sentenced to 30 years each in prison for the murder.’