Meaning of death stare in English:

death stare


(also death glare)
  • A hostile or contemptuous look directed at a particular person.

    • ‘Bruce gave her a death stare that was even detectable through his sunglasses’
    • ‘He earned several of Hazel's atomic laser death stares for his trouble.’
    • ‘Judging by her still impressive death stare, only a true loser would dare say she's gone soft.’
    • ‘They showed Wilson just fuming at him with a death stare that would've killed 1000 men.’
    • ‘Cole laid off the hooch last night and has honed his death stare.’
    • ‘You want to make eye contact, but don't give the speaker a death stare.’
    • ‘Sam turns up, and oblivious to Charlie's death stare, invites the couple out to dinner.’
    • ‘The two women exchanged death stares, time stood still, and when the dust settled, the Leafs were still down 3-1 in the series.’
    • ‘Love the death glare she gives the paparazzi!’
    • ‘Isn't it cool when Kim and Phil flash those death glares at the innocent townspeople?’
    • ‘Des shoots Michael a death glare and starts calling Michael out on his behavior, telling him that she isn't comfortable that he is so aggressive.’
    • ‘Together we practiced our death glares on those in the line in front of us and cheered whenever someone gave up on waiting, bailing out of the line.’
    angry stare, scowl, glower, frown, black look, menacing look, threatening look