Meaning of death warrant in English:

death warrant


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  • An official order for the execution of a condemned person.

    ‘he signed the king's death warrant in 1649’
    • ‘he signed his own death warrant by being seen as a peacemaker’
    • ‘In just over a year's time, his political death warrant will be signed by the American people.’
    • ‘To close the account is equivalent to signing a death warrant for the customer's business.’
    • ‘The executioner hugs her with one arm, like a dancing-master, to keep her upright, and adjusts the knot while an official reads the death warrant.’
    • ‘Even now she delayed signing the death warrant, and then disclaimed responsibility for the execution of Mary at Fotheringhay.’
    • ‘In short, Higham asserts Lincoln signed his own death warrant by permitting Union merchants to trade with the Confederacy during the Civil War.’
    • ‘And then Florida's governor signed her death warrant, which led to her execution today.’
    • ‘After a long deliberation, Ryan himself signed the death warrant for the murderer prosecutors called monstrous.’
    • ‘In 1649, ‘citizens’ signed the death warrant of Charles I who was executed at Whitehall in January of that year.’
    • ‘When your ethnic identity could be a death warrant, would you still preserve it?’
    • ‘Ridge signed a second death warrant for December 2, 1999, but Judge Yohn granted a stay of execution pending the disposition of the appeal.’
    • ‘Tenants signed the death warrant for the decaying four-storey block of flats after voting in favour of relocating.’
    • ‘But rumours soon surfaced that she had signed her own death warrant when she married the man she loved, instead of the man who was chosen for her by her adoptive family.’
    • ‘She had made her decision, and she would stand by it; but all the same she could not shake the feeling that she was signing her own death warrant with every step she took.’
    • ‘Two days later, prison authorities read a death warrant to Smith, condemned last year for multiple murders committed in 2001.’
    • ‘What kind of a man signs a death warrant on the basis of ‘the most cursory briefings’?’
    • ‘Yet Elizabeth keeps her alive for twenty years, and even after she has been condemned to death, the death warrant has to be got out of the Queen by trickery.’
    • ‘Ann was a descendant of a Norman Baronet who had helped sign the death warrant of Charles I of England in 1660.’
    • ‘When you keep quiet you are signing your own death warrant.’
    • ‘He played a leading role in the king's trial, and unlike many of the regicides probably had few qualms about signing his death warrant.’
    • ‘His most famous opponent in this war was Oliver Cromwell - one of the men who signed the death warrant of Charles.’
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