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death wish


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  • An unconscious desire for one's own death.

    ‘The parallel between suicide and death was established as early as Freud in his discussions of the death wish, and also in the work of Klein.’
    • ‘In many senses, an especially beautiful literary expression of suicide that does not involve the death wish is in The Little Prince.’
    • ‘Whether this collision was really an accident or due to a subconscious death wish is open to question.’
    • ‘How can the railways cater for the occasional idiot with a death wish?’
    • ‘It would be speaking too strongly to claim that the French and like-minded inhabitants of other continental European countries have a death wish.’
    • ‘I rolled over to look at my clock and groaned. 5: 30 am, whoever was knocking had a serious death wish.’
    • ‘Could the British press have discovered a curious tendency for elephants with a death wish to form groups of 280, or was this a coincidence?’
    • ‘‘Only those with a death wish just sit out here in the snow,’ said Zechariah.’
    • ‘He knew that approaching now would be a death wish.’
    • ‘Certainly the world of The Grifters is not for the faint of heart, where life is a moral quicksand, relaxing is a death wish, and escape is impossible.’
    • ‘This is the sort of course all golfers with a death wish want to play: if you are slightly off your game it will slowly drag you down into a state of mediocrity.’
    • ‘Ever-present cigarettes create the disturbing impression that the film's characters are possessed by a collective death wish.’
    • ‘It's a neat conceit, highly theatrical: drop four unrelated characters with a death wish onto a makeshift stage and see what happens.’
    • ‘The sniper wants to be caught because he has a death wish.’
    • ‘Think about it - anyone who smokes in this day and age of acute awareness of the many and sundry risks involved obviously has a death wish.’
    • ‘Beyond a small circle of knuckle draggers with a death wish, will aircraft-grade aluminum toboggans and such sell?’
    • ‘At one level, this behavior may be interpreted as acting out a death wish, or a suicide pact, in which both partners ultimately die.’
    • ‘Wilbur, who longs for Alice himself but recognizes his death wish means he doesn't have much to offer, starts making tiny changes in his life.’
    • ‘Don't scream in fear, tourists already think we have a death wish.’
    • ‘The journey is further enlivened by local drivers, who appear to have a collective death wish, and the occasional stray cow grazing by the roadside.’