Meaning of deathtrap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛθtrap/


  • A place, structure, or vehicle that is potentially very dangerous.

    ‘a match can turn a foam-filled armchair into a deathtrap in seconds’
    • ‘The road is a nightmare and a potential death trap with vehicles skidding on the patchwork surface.’
    • ‘Any vehicle, trailer or caravan with defective tyres is a potential death trap and we are determined to do all we can to remove them from the roads.’
    • ‘The women said the waterlogged park behind their homes was a potential death trap to children in the area.’
    • ‘A car park in York has been branded a potential death trap after a motorist narrowly avoided serious injury when a barrier crashed down on his head.’
    • ‘The lack of proper road signage and safety measures on the highway during the four-laning work has made the road a potential death trap.’
    • ‘But even a new airplane is a potential death trap with lazy maintenance.’
    • ‘Furious parents have pulled their children out of classes after a Colchester school was branded a potential death trap.’
    • ‘These uncovered drains are a potential death trap for motorcyclists who are unaware of the problem.’
    • ‘That road is a death trap and it's only a matter of time before other people who not as experienced could have serious problems.’
    • ‘Back seats can be the death trap for unrestrained children and their parents or friends sitting up front.’
    • ‘This road is a death trap and drivers come round the bend far too fast.’
    • ‘A metal fire escape that collapsed on a 14-year-old youth, killing him instantly, was riddled with rust and a death trap, it was revealed yesterday.’
    • ‘Heavy metal shutters which crushed a schoolboy to death as he played a daredevil game were branded a death trap by his mother at an inquest.’
    • ‘We have raised countless arguments about the proposed new site, as it is an absolute death trap.’
    • ‘With no warning signs on either side and under poor lighting, the road is a death trap for motorists.’
    • ‘Even a bucket with only a few inches of water at the bottom can be a death trap for a toddler who could fall into it head first.’
    • ‘We got together because of a genuine concern that the location of the proposed site is a death trap.’
    • ‘Kemp, on the other hand was not at all fazed by driving such a death trap.’
    • ‘We were in a death trap, and the only real hope of survival for us all was to find our enemy and destroy him.’
    • ‘Yes, the freight elevator's a bit of a death trap, so it's probably lucky that we weren't in it.’