Meaning of debased in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈbeɪst/

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  • Reduced in quality or value.

    ‘the debased traditions of sportsmanship’
    • ‘Economic transactions would then be conducted through barter rather than via the medium of a debased script.’
    • ‘On stage, he becomes an archetypal embodiment of the debased American dream.’
    • ‘They came from all directions, travelling on roads known only to a few mad or debased souls.’
    • ‘In short, preemption is now a politicized, debased word.’
    • ‘The rhetoric of movie reviews is a debased currency.’
    • ‘What had once been high art, fashioned by the Romans or Michelangelo, has become debased, mass-culture kitsch.’
    • ‘Concepts highly prized by Puritans still exist in debased form in American mass culture.’
    • ‘The sacrality of work persists, albeit in a rather debased form, in the idea of the hobby.’
    • ‘No doubt, compared with today's generally debased television fare, the live dramas of the 1950s may seem an idyllic era.’
    • ‘The letter testifies to the debased level of what passes for intellectual life in the United States.’
    • ‘Only the debased American media could uncritically repeat such outrageous claims.’
    • ‘For it threatens freedom in the name of the most debased conception of democracy.’
    • ‘It was fairly easy for laymen to distinguish debased coins from sound coins.’
    • ‘For many in the new generation it has become a debased form of personal power seeking.’
    • ‘It could be the ultimate alchemy, at least in the debased sense of transmuting the elements.’
    • ‘This is Hindi cinema at its most debased, debauch, dreadful.’
    • ‘No one could have predicted how debased higher education would become.’
    • ‘It really has become an increasingly debased process of making art.’
    • ‘This disgusting spectacle provides a revealing insight into the debased nature of what passes for political discussion in Britain today.’
    • ‘Even in the long debased hyperbole of historic moments in the Northern Ireland peace process, this was a monumental announcement.’