Meaning of debeak in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈbiːk/


[with object]
  • Remove the upper part of the beak of (a bird) to prevent it injuring other birds.

    as noun debeaking ‘debeaking is thought to cause chickens chronic pain’
    • ‘As many as 100,000 birds can live in each ‘henhouse’ Conditions are so psychologically taxing on the birds that they must be debeaked to prevent pecking injuries.’
    • ‘Every pig farmer knows that if pigs are unhappy they fight (and they can't exactly be debeaked like chickens) so most try to keep them happy.’
    • ‘The ‘free range’ hens kept for laying eggs are still debeaked just as the battery hens are.’
    • ‘Birds may not resume normal pecking or preening for as long as six weeks after debeaking, and in some cases profuse bleeding and death from shock occurs.’
    • ‘They're despurred and debeaked, but because of crowding and other stresses, they still find ways to harm each other.’