Meaning of debriefer in English:



See debrief

‘After the debriefer completes the debriefing, he or she has to translate the patrol's answers into a quantifiable report.’
  • ‘There's some personal things that are difficult to talk about, but I never felt pressured by my military debriefers to discuss any of that, really.’
  • ‘But the debriefers notified their operations officer who in turn reported the situation up the chain of command on June 24.’
  • ‘They should have had time, as they did, to go through debriefings, to decompress, to get the information to the debriefers that was necessary.’
  • ‘Blunt, we are told, meets Chubb, his new MI5 debriefer, for the first time six years after his 1964 confession.’