Meaning of debruise in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈbruːz/


[with object]Heraldry
  • Partly obscure (another charge).

    ‘The labels borne by members of the Royal Family to debruise the Royal Arms are blazoned as white, not silver.’
    • ‘The Arms of James Thomas Robson debruised of a bordure charged with three ermine spots counterchanged;’
    • ‘A Roundel Argent charged with three Bars wavy Azure overall a Lion rampant as in the Arms the whole environed by a Chaplet of Wheat Or and debruising a Cross flory Gold.’
    • ‘As heir presumptive by Deed of Nomination registered with the Lyon Court, my Arms are debruised of a three point label during my father's lifetime.’
    • ‘Gavin George Duncan of Sketraw, ygr. uses the arms of his father debruised with a three point label to signify he is the eldest son of John Alexander Duncan of Sketraw.’


Middle English from Old French debruisier, debrisier, from de- + bruiser, brisier (modern briser), ‘break’.