Meaning of debt counsellor in English:

debt counsellor

Pronunciation /ˈdɛt ˌkaʊnsələ/


  • A person who offers professional advice on methods of debt repayment.

    ‘It said it could only reassess his application if he went to see a debt counsellor at the Citizens Advice Bureau, and the bureau produced a report explaining the need for the debts and saying what its recommendations were.’
    • ‘When asked what reasons people use a debt counsellor for Ailish said: ‘For a number of reasons, unemployment, long term illness or separation.’’
    • ‘The service is patchy, though, as some offices are too small to offer trained debt counsellors, so their main role is essentially to help you to help yourself, rather than setting up debt-management plans for you.’
    • ‘Having someone else take the effort away from dealing with all your creditors may sound like a dream, but debt counsellors advise people to steer clear of consolidation loans.’
    • ‘Charity-based debt counsellors advise people to steer clear of agencies that charge for advice.’
    • ‘Hence, the Citizens' Advice Bureau has suggested that debt counsellors should be placed in every GP surgery, in order to help borrowers who are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.’
    • ‘As well as receiving emergency food, they can access the services of partner agencies such as the Citizens' Advice Bureau, debt counsellors, housing support and health visitors.’
    • ‘They also receive life skills training, advice from debt counsellors, and access to other agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.’
    • ‘The reality being that they aren't managing and that there aren't nearly enough trained debt counsellors to go around.’
    • ‘MPs and debt counsellors have attacked a credit card with a top interest rate of 70 per cent issued by a Bradford-based lender.’