Meaning of debye in English:


(also debye unit)

Pronunciation /dəˈbʌɪ/


  • A unit used to express electric dipole moments of molecules. One debye is equal to 3.336 × 10⁻³⁰ coulomb metre.

    ‘The unit assigned to dipole moments is the debye.’
    • ‘Similarly, the dipole moment of methanol, another extremely polar substance, is only 2.9 debyes.’
    • ‘A dipole moment of less than or equal to 1 debyes is preferred.’
    • ‘All the structures have a rather large moment of 800'Äì1 800 debyes, aligned roughly along the gorge axis, and both centering methods agree to within 20%.’
    • ‘These align constructively along the helical axis to form macrodipoles (positive axis N-terminal) of 39, 43, and 59 debyes.’


Early 20th century named after P. J. Debye (see Debye, Peter).