Meaning of decadal in English:



See decade

‘Like the 3 mainstream satellite teams, the study appears to generate a decadal global warming trend of around 0.1°C, almost identical to the 3 mainstream satellite data sets.’
  • ‘Arctic temperatures did indeed have a peak around 1940, but the decadal mean temperatures are now warmer than the mean over 1935-1944.’
  • ‘The eleven chapters are chronological, presenting a decadal review covering the period from 1850 through the latter 1990s, although the historical context frequently spills over between the time frame of each chapter and topic.’
  • ‘WETLAND COMMUNITIES ARE strongly affected by annual and decadal fluctuations in water level.’
  • ‘Estimates advanced in late 1999 suggest a strong percentage increase over 1998 that will raise the decadal average to a magnitude closer to the 1920s. So the 1920s did better, or worse.’