Meaning of decadently in English:



See decadent

‘What we might find shocking, then, is not that Coward had the nerve to deal with this subject matter, but that he might have actually lived like this; so decadently, so irresponsibly.’
  • ‘Otter Bar has a wild stretch of the Salmon River in its backyard and is probably the best whitewater school in the world, not least because it is the most decadently luxurious.’
  • ‘So while I slog through my day-to-day drudgeries, he is cavorting on the Champs-Elysées and decadently nibbling pain au chocolat on the Rive Gauche.’
  • ‘And he set the tone for the evening by swigging decadently from a bottle of champagne on his way to his farewell bash.’
  • ‘The French, for example, eat wonderful foods with decadently high levels of both carbohydrates and fats, including olive oil, nuts, breads, creams and cheeses - every day.’