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Pronunciation /ˈdiːkaf/

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(also decaff)
  • Decaffeinated.

    • ‘a decaff cappuccino’
    • ‘a cup of decaf tea’
    • ‘Today, there are two main processes for creating decaf coffee.’
    • ‘Try bottled water with a splash of lime or lemon, flavored sparkling water or decaf herbal tea.’
    • ‘The dispute has much at stake, with decaf coffee sales accounting for roughly 10 per cent of the multi-billion dollar coffee industry.’
    • ‘Decaf coffee in this particular study just happened to show a mild elevation in fatty acids.’
    • ‘I wouldn't go in there, though, to the truck stop and ask for a skinny decaf soy latte.’
    • ‘Lastly she watered the office plants and fetched her coworker a fresh cup of decaf coffee.’
    • ‘And when you can, opt for decaf coffee and soda over regular.’
    • ‘My son's favorite is a decaf chai, not too hot, with mostly soy milk.’
    • ‘"I have a decaf tall non-fat latte up on the bar!"’
    • ‘When you order a decaf latte with skim milk, it is often called "why bother?" latte.’
    • ‘Can I get you a decaf weak soy latte with that?’
    • ‘If you find you're getting jittery or having trouble sleeping at night, cut back or switch to decaf versions.’
    • ‘They all drank a triple espresso, a decaf triple espresso and were given intravenous caffeine and a placebo.’
    • ‘I start every day with strong decaf coffee, French country bread and a fried egg.’
    • ‘I meant 'tall decaf latte.'’
    • ‘Try a decaf soy-milk cappuccino instead.’
    • ‘Some of us even want a skinny mocha decaff latte with a twist.’
    • ‘I don't really drink tea and only decaff coffee now so I can't really say I have any feelings about this.’
    • ‘I finished with a decaff cappuccino.’
    • ‘You drink it for the caffeine, and after a while you become accustomed to the taste, and with enough exposure will appreciate its nuances - with the result that people will drink decaff coffee.’


(also decaff)
mass noun informal
  • Decaffeinated coffee.

    • ‘we haven't any decaf, I'm afraid’
    • ‘Meanwhile, only 8 percent of regular coffee drinkers drink decaf.’
    • ‘I was convinced that someone was slipping me regular coffee instead of the decaff.’
    • ‘Cut the caffeine: Settle for a "half-caf" or decaf.’
    • ‘People sigh, or at least wish they hadn't ordered decaf that morning.’
    • ‘Researchers don't yet know whether decaf is the culprit.’
    • ‘Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks.’
    • ‘Either that, or your wife has secretly switched you over to decaf.’
    • ‘The attempt to develop GM decaf is just one way in which scientists are seeking to apply genetic engineering to meet consumer demand.’
    • ‘I drink about eight cups of coffee in the morning, but I drink decaf.’
    • ‘Eddie orders the largest ribeye steak they have to offer and a cup of decaf.’
    • ‘A quick espresso can banish the sleepies; but fight the urge to offer decaf and then slip your guest a regular shot.’
    • ‘What to do: It's too early to conclude that decaf raises the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.’
    • ‘I love love love coffee, but even decaf kept me up after our rants.’
    • ‘He pauses and takes a sip of decaf, thinking of the best way to describe the film.’
    • ‘Methinks he needs to switch to decaf.’
    • ‘Monday, 6 p.m.: Same cup of decaf with the same splash of cream in hand, I board the train for the same vinyl seat.’
    • ‘It is decaff, of course - we are, after all, in a very health-conscious restaurant.’
    • ‘I've tried decaff, but it's a concept I find rather difficult to reconcile myself to.’
    • ‘I sometimes allow myself decaff.’
    • ‘We prefer decaff if that's an option.’


1950s abbreviation.