Meaning of decalcified in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈkalsɪfʌɪd/


  • (of rock or bone) containing a reduced quantity of calcium salts.

    ‘decalcified chalk’
    • ‘The decalcification process did not affect the immunodetection with CD10 since positive reactivity was noted in decalcified bone marrow core biopsies.’
    • ‘Fluorides protect against caries by inhibiting mineral loss, promoting remineralisation of decalcified enamel, and reducing formation of plaque acids.’
    • ‘He reports ingenious experiments whereby decalcified specimens are monitored as the cell reconstructs the test.’
    • ‘The figure of one million years and greater is derived from the fossilised fauna found side by side with the burnt antelope bones in the same layer of decalcified sand.’
    • ‘This marker stains follicle mantle cells in routinely fixed and decalcified paraffin-embedded tissues.’