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Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəlɒɡ/

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the Decalogue
  • The Ten Commandments.

    ‘There is considerable debate in the U.S. whether the Decalogue should be posted in public schools, public parks, government offices, etc, and under which circumstances posting is constitutional.’
    • ‘The Decalogue contains the essence of the Greek philosophers understanding of the moral life, which they called the good-life.’
    • ‘Using the example of a veiled Moses descending from Mount Sinai after receiving the Decalogue (Exodus 33.29 - 35), Paul talks about the need for Christological understanding to ‘open up’ the Law and the Prophets to their interior, spiritual meaning.’
    • ‘What relation does the Decalogue have to our understanding of God's will today?’
    • ‘Not long ago the Decalogue was a venerable standard of morality acknowledged by all.’


Late Middle English via French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek dekalogos (biblos) ‘(book of) the Ten Commandments’, from hoi deka logoi ‘the Ten Commandments’ (literally ‘the ten sayings’).