Meaning of decapod in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəpɒd/

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  • A crustacean of the order Decapoda, such as a shrimp, crab, or lobster.

    ‘A similar dispersal mechanism has been suggested as responsible for the faunal similarities in mollusks and decapods.’
    • ‘Limestones of the underlying carbonate ramp sediments are primarily packstones containing numerous foraminiferans but they do not contain decapod fossils.’
    • ‘It has long been known that the shrimps and lobsters are the most primitive of the decapods and, in fact, have the oldest fossil records.’
    • ‘The calcified cuticle of decapods comprises the hard exoskeleton of the animal and can be subdivided into four layers.’
    • ‘It is also highly unusual to discover these Paleozoic relics associated with decapods as they normally inhabit different environments.’


  • Relating to or denoting decapods.

    ‘No preparation was necessary for the examination of the decapod fossils.’
    • ‘Detailed work on a series of isolated crustacean limb muscle preparations showed a consistent pattern of innervation among decapod crustaceans.’
    • ‘Relatively little work has been done recently on decapod faunas from the Middle East.’
    • ‘During the Paleocene, almost all of the decapod occurrences were in fine siliciclastic sediments.’
    • ‘His earliest research was on decapod crustaceans with the Scottish Fishery Board.’