Meaning of decarbonizer in English:



(also British decarboniser)

See decarbonize

‘The first to produce a no-flash-point, water-based, solvent decarbonizer and degreaser, formulated to replace volatile and dangerous solvents.’
  • ‘Once the contents of the whole can is mostly used up, drop to an idle while expending the remaining decarbonizer till the engine stalls.’
  • ‘A Super Active, High Strength grease dissolver and decarbonizer for use on most grease covered surfaces, including floors, walls, grills, ovens, deep fryers, hoods, engines, fans and machinery.’
  • ‘Carbisol is a powerful solvent based decarboniser for the removal of carbon deposits from metallic engine components, utilizing a cold bath technique.’
  • ‘ULTRAfluid ALK is a liquid alkaline decarboniser, cleaner, rust remover and paint stripper for use on ferrous metals.’