Meaning of decarboxylase in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdiːkɑːˈbɒksɪleɪz/


  • An enzyme that catalyses the decarboxylation of a particular organic molecule.

    ‘A major source of ammonium, especially in C 3 plants, arises in the mitochondria from the decarboxylation of glycine to serine by the glycine decarboxylase as part of the photorespiratory cycle.’
    • ‘Two inherited disorders affecting pyrimidine biosynthesis are the result of deficiencies in the bifunctional enzyme catalyzing the last two steps of UMP synthesis, orotate phosphoribosyl transferase and OMP decarboxylase.’
    • ‘Green tea catechins have been shown to inhibit the actions of 5-alpha-reductase and ornithine decarboxylase, two enzymes considered important in the development of prostate cancer.’
    • ‘The key enzyme in initial stages of alkaloid biosynthesis is tryptophan decarboxylase.’
    • ‘This process would consume protons in a similar way to the malic enzyme reaction and PEPCK might therefore be functioning as a decarboxylase in the biochemical pH stat.’