Meaning of decarburization in English:


Pronunciation /diːˌkɑːbjʊrʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(also British decarburisation)

See decarburize

‘The molybdenum steel is susceptible to decarburisation.’
  • ‘Laser and electron beam techniques also have been used for hardening selected areas on the surface of pearlitic and ferritic malleable iron castings that are free from decarburization.’
  • ‘To prevent scaling and surface decarburization during this stage of treatment, it is recommended that a nonoxidizing furnace temperature be maintained using a sealed furnace; a controlled atmosphere may be necessary.’
  • ‘The presence of only a trace of decarburization on the surface may drastically reduce the fatigue properties.’
  • ‘This property is being used in hardening thin sections, such as safety razor blades and needles, in order to reduce decarburisation.’