Meaning of decastyle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəstʌɪl/


  • (of a temple or portico) having ten columns.

    ‘Following the regional tradition, the temple was built as a gigantic decastyle dipteral structure, with a cavernous porch extending - almost like an Egyptian hypostyle hall - five columns deep!’
    • ‘Chedanne, however, whose results are not yet published, thought that the entablature of the pronaos had originally belonged to a decastyle temple, which he supposed to have been peripteral.’
    • ‘One can see in Michelangelo's plan his intention of creating a temple-like mausoleum, complete with a tetrastyle/cum decastyle colonnaded entry raised on a podium.’
    • ‘The colonnade is decastyle - ten columns to a side, 36 all told.’


  • A ten-columned portico.


Early 18th century from Greek dekastulos ‘having ten columns’, from deka ‘ten’ + stulos ‘column’.