Meaning of decayed in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈkeɪd/

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  • 1Having rotted or decomposed.

    ‘decayed animal and plant matter’
    • ‘decayed teeth’
    • ‘The grubs feed mainly on decayed vegetation at first.’
    • ‘Decayed baby teeth can pass bacteria to permanent teeth. ’
    • ‘The sea cucumber feeds on small plants and decayed debris that settles into seafloor sand and mud.’
    • ‘Decayed food that is not removed from the cellar will affect the conditions for keeping other foods.’
    • ‘He sought shelter from the sudden cold in a decayed hole at the edge of the mountains.’
    • ‘The fungi typically fruits from terrestrial woody debris or from the tops of very well decayed logs.’
    • ‘Only the decayed part of the tooth is removed for this type of filling.’
    • ‘Soil is a composition of weather-beaten rock, minerals, decayed plant materials, and other organic ingredients.’
    • ‘These bacteria consume the ooze's organic carbon, which comes primarily from the decayed remains of marine organisms.’
    • ‘Completely decayed roots of plants from the area were dissected to check for the red core fungus.’
    decomposed, decomposing, rotten, rotting, putrescent, putrid, bad, off, spoiled, spoilt, perished
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    1. 1.1Having fallen into disrepair; deteriorated.
      ‘the restoration of decayed churches’
      • ‘He took a decayed farmyard, and by judicious restoration, demolition, and new building converted it into a house.’
      • ‘It holds a wonderful fleet of decayed boats, most of which look like experiments abandoned halfway.’
      • ‘I was quite surprised to find, instead of the old decayed building, a little house almost entirely new.’
      • ‘There is a decayed chimney where I have watched white-faced herons nest and breed.’
      • ‘With plans and accompanying text, he tries to interest the visitor as a tourist for his decayed city.’
      • ‘A steel plate now covers the decayed drainage system.’
      • ‘She needed time and political backing to implement her policies to reshape the country's decayed economy.’
      • ‘We sat in a circle, surrounded by decayed fortress walls.’
      • ‘To see these now, even in decayed grandeur, is a romantic sight.’
      • ‘The fort was situated on a rotten hill, with a few decayed houses on it.’