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Pronunciación /dɪˈkeɪɪŋ/

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  • 1Rotting or decomposing through the action of bacteria and fungi.

    ‘the odour of decaying fish’
    • ‘The fragrance of tropical flowers was overwhelmed by the stench of decaying bodies.’
    • ‘Seawater is filled with microscopic plants and algae, microscopic animals, numerous eggs, and decaying bits of plants and animals.’
    • ‘They descend upon new discoveries like flies on a decaying carcass.’
    • ‘The rats' decaying corpses represent a health risk.’
    • ‘This scent is caused by the same chemical compound that is also found in the muscle of decaying fish.’
    • ‘The choking stench of decaying flesh still fills the air. ’
    • ‘Whenever that much decaying gunpowder is scraped together, the result is usually less a bang than a whimper.’
    • ‘During the summer, keep the plants well watered, feed occasionally, and remove any sideshoots or decaying leaves.’
    • ‘Decaying matter is used to enrich and fertilize the soil.’
    • ‘The guide stopped to show us some beetles who live in decaying wood.’
    decomposing, decomposed, rotting, rotten, putrescent, putrid, bad, off, spoiled, spoilt, perished
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    1. 1.1Falling into disrepair; deteriorating.
      ‘old decaying buildings’
      • ‘Their city can't afford to fix a decaying bridge or hire new firemen.’
      • ‘A decaying building fires the imagination and makes you think about the civilisation that existed at the time.’
      • ‘Nearby cities struggle to meet their payrolls and repair decaying buildings.’
      • ‘It has a decaying exterior and will require major work to spruce up the inside of the house, but Park Place has been snapped up.’
      • ‘The result was a city full of half-constructed monuments and decaying facades.’
      • ‘The interior proves to be equally unattractive: a mix of dull carpets, decaying furniture, and bleak beige walls.’
      • ‘From the first page you have this bizarre world painted for you of this decaying hotel.’
      • ‘The novel follows the sheltered lives of the two cousins as they grow up in a rambling, decaying house with their mothers.’
      • ‘No other director would spend untold minutes exploring a decaying, gloomy house in the dark.’
      • ‘The sign board is much in need of paint and stands before an empty yard and a decaying building.’
      declining, degenerating, dying, waning, crumbling, collapsing
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    2. 1.2Declining in quality, power, or vigour.
      ‘a decaying industry’
      • ‘Despite already lowering costs to resurrect a decaying chip market in quarter two, the tech company may have to again reevaluate its prices.’
      • ‘ Decaying cities often portend the failure of a state.’
      • ‘The country's decaying economy could be the spark that ignites its already combustible streets.’
      • ‘He was prime minister at the decaying end of the party's years in office.’
      • ‘His decaying government descends deeper into the abyss.’
      • ‘The sprawling urban spaces that are the legacy of the 20th century are further burdened with a decaying infrastructure.’
      • ‘The danger arose from her decaying marriage, despite its veneer of domesticity.’
      • ‘If published recruitment figures are to be believed, the party is no decaying monolith.’
      • ‘Executive fiats and judicial indifference are the hallmarks of a decaying democracy.’
      • ‘The inner lives of the characters are inextricably tied to their lives, as inhabitants of a decaying industrial town.’
      declining, degenerating, dying, waning, crumbling, collapsing
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