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‘When only 40,000 people showed up for the anti-gun Million-Mom March a few years ago, the mainstream media deceitfully reported an estimated attendance of 750,000.’
  • ‘So long as they don't act dishonestly or deceitfully, and so long as they don't violate some specific law, people living in our society are still free to conduct their affairs any which way they please.’
  • ‘Zhuu accused the hospital of deceitfully undertaking unnecessary examinations and prescribing expensive medicines just to make a bigger profit.’
  • ‘Now those costs of training, the costs of recruitment, the costs of advertising, may be visited upon employees who deceitfully lie in their c.vs.’
  • ‘It encouraged me to live deceitfully; I enjoyed living a lie.’



/dɪˈsiːtfʊli/ /dɪˈsiːtfəli/