Meaning of Decembrist in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈsɛmbrɪst/


  • A member of a group of Russian revolutionaries who in December 1825 led an unsuccessful revolt against Tsar Nicholas I.

    ‘In August 1824 he was dismissed from the civil service for atheistic writings, and his seclusion at his mother's estate prevented him from taking part in the revolt of the Decembrists, with whom he sympathized.’
    • ‘In 1825, a group of army officers called the Decembrists organized the first revolt against the imperial government.’
    • ‘After the abortive Decembrist revolution in St. Petersburg in 1825, the Czar dissolved the Duma, Russia's feeble parliament, which was not recalled until the twentieth century.’
    • ‘After the Decembrist revolt, in 1826, Nicholas transferred police matters from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Third Department of his own Chancellery, which was more closely under his control.’
    • ‘By then Pushkin had only narrowly escaped implication in the uprising of the Decembrists at the end of 1825 and in the first weeks of Nicholas I's reign.’